WOD’s can suck my tits!

May Update!

Excuse me, but where in the hell did May go? Truly I can’t believe it’s almost June. 

May CrossFit things: 

May 4th: Tanger Throwdown - whoa! 

  • WOD 1 - 4 Minute AMRAP; (10) 85# Front Squat/(10) Lateral Bar Burpee’s 
  • WOD 2 - Hi Hang Clean Ladder Factorial; Started at 75# and weight increased 5# each station and reps increased as well. You had to Dead Lift your first rep and then start your Hi Hang Cleans if the weight fell below your knees at any point you were finished. I knew the weight wasn’t going to get to me in this WOD it would be technique and grip. 
    -PR’d on Hi Hang Clean at 95# 
  • WOD 3 - CLUSTER FUCK (w/a 10 min cap), but I’ll attempt to describe in words the best I can:

    The competitors were on one side of the gym/room and our equipment was on the opposite side: #14 med ball (20 Wall Balls), #35 kettle bell (15 KB Swings), (2) #25 Barbells (10 Thrusters), #75 loaded bar (10 Power Snatches). When the time started each competitor ran down picked up the med ball brought it back down completed the reps and ran back down to the next piece of equipment and brought it back. After the 10 Power Snatches you returned the bar back to its original starting point an ran back down to complete the same movements in reverse order. After completing your final wall balls and returning the Med Ball you had to pull a #235 sled 200 meters and sprint back down to the starting wall. 

Finished 40/41 in WOD 1 - 38/41 in WOD 2 - 36/41 in WOD 3 - OVERALL: 39/41. Take away message I DIDN’T FINISH LAST and I got a PR! 

May 27th: MURPH - 72:36. Broke it up into Cindy-like rounds and legitimately thought I might die in the last mile, but I did it. 

The posts have been lacking due to crazy schedule but I loved seeing all the MURPH posts today! Hope everyone is doing well. 


Doing my first Memorial Day Murph in about an hour.

Carb’d up and ready to go. Plan of attack is “Cindy-like” rounds. 20 rounds of 5-10-15. My goal is to finish within the hour and a half time frame.

Good luck everyone!

Tanger Throwdown

So, my first competition is in two days. The monthlies have personally wreaked havoc on my body this week and I feel ill prepared. What if I suck y’all? I know there are going to be people competing in the scaled division that have been doing CrossFit longer than me and are in better shape, but I’m trying to get over that fact. Regardless, I’m nervous as hell. 


I fell off the Whole30 wagon. Not like my wagon couldn’t wade the river more like Whole30 died of dysentery. I’m upset, yes but not completely discouraged. I have yet to balance cheat meals in my Paleo lifestyle. I do so well for weeks at a time and then bam! One week comes along and I think, “I am awesome and I can eat whatever I want.” This is not true and it wreaks havoc on my body and system. I’m also way too fucking hard on myself. I’m that person who only sees the end result and hates the in-between parts. I have to remind myself that it is truly a journey and I’ve done great things so far. I realize this doesn’t give me any excuse not to reach my goals, but just some room to be human. 

Thanks to anyone who’s been with me from the beginning or that has just come along. I know I whine sometimes, but seeing other peoples journeys is truly the most encouraging thing for me. 

Cleared a 24” box tonight. For someone who doesn’t have “ups” this is a pretty big deal.

Oh, and good news I only jammed the shit out of my big toes/shins once from not clearing the damn thing. My dignity was only slightly bruised.

Exactly 2 months

until my 1 year CrossFit and Paleo anniversary. Holy cow. It feels like it was yesterday. 

Whole30 Day 5, 6, 7, & 8 

Whoa! Sorry for the food run down overload. I’m working about 53 hours in a span from Monday - Thursday this week so everything is already chaos and throw in a job interview on top and things just go ape shit. But, because I meal prepped on Sunday everything is going to just fine. 

Day 5 (4/12/13): 

1/2 Naked Green Machine 
1L Water
Salad; Sunflower seeds, Bacon, gluten & sugar free dressing 
Fish Oil 
Coconut Oil w/Coffee
And then the night kind of went to shit because I went to a bar and had chips! oh. no. 

Day 6 (4/13/13): 

Managed to skip lunch 

(totally not a healthy caloric intake for that day but sometimes i just don’t feel hungry) 

Day 7 (4/14/13):
.35oz bar of Righteously Raw 83% raw cacoa dark chocolate. Seriously these things are amazing! I’ll link them at the end of this novel. 

Day 8 (4/15/13):
Turkey and Egg Scramble 
Coconut Oil <1 tsp 
Fish Oil 
Snap Peas 

Eating is going well so far! Glad the first week is over. 

As promised, the chocolate - Righteously Raw